Mems and Sensor

Mems and Sensors

Accelerometers, MEMS electronics, Energy Harvesting:  we transform advanced MEMS innovation into exciting products that sense better, provide better performance and generate free energy for your electronics.  


BebCom Technology MEMS’s team is investigating new Vibration Energy-Harvesting techniques for autonomous sensor nodes such in TPMS applications. These techniques are based on piezoelectric and electrostatic transduction mechanisms. Microenergy generation can be achieved within an automobile's tire, stored into supercapacitor, and then used to power a MEMS based pressure sensor and transceiver.


The same team is also focusing on CMOS-MEMS integration designs for RF applications. This kind of MEMS designs are developed to maximize integration without losing the device performances when compared to classical MEMS microfabrication techniques. Micro-switches, micro-filters and other components are used in this case to increase RF performances and reduce power consumption.


The development of micro-machining technology enable the miniaturization of a large number of sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes ... These micro-sensors may be integrated on the same chip as their conditioning electronics, which reduce the cost and the power consumption and enhance the whole system performances. Our MEMS team is working on  new CMOS infrared sensors for contactless temperature and pressure measurement.