Why Tunisia ?

tunisia 1Tunisia is a competitive economy open to the world with a good quality of life, great geographical, economic and linguistic proximity with Europe. It has a fast-growing infrastructure, a transparent legal framework with simplified procedures, labor laws as well as fiscal and financial incentive that encourage entrepreneurship.

Tunisia remains a model in the Arab world in promoting the legal and social status of women. A Personal Status Code was adopted shortly after independence in 1956, which, among other things, gave women full legal status (allowing them to run and own businesses, have bank accounts, and seek passports under their own authority)

Tunisia offers one of the highest availability of engineers and scientists and capacity for innovation with more than 65,000 graduates researchers every year.

History of Tunisia

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Economy of Tunisia

Tunisia's economy has emerged from rigid state control and is now partially liberalized. Beginning in the mid-1980s, Tunisia's prudent economic policies, coupled with World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) support, favorable climatic conditions for all industries sector.

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According to the Global Information Technology Report , published by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Tunisia is ranked N°1 in Africa and 35th on 125 countries using the « Networked Readiness Index » that evaluates the aptitude of a nation to contribute and exploit New Information and Communication Technologies in front of various countries including Italy, Greece, Poland, China and India.

Tunisia has put in place a policy to favor investment and encourage foreign companies in the sector of NICT to develop themselves in the country:

1Tax exemption for 10 years for exporting corporations. After the 11th year, the tax rate is based on 10% of total the corporate profit

2Waiving of company contribution employer's social security contributions for the recruitment of University graduates

3State contribution to the salaries of qualified employees during the first year of employment

The Ministry of Education and Industry also sponsors many advanced R&D programs in order to fund Innovation in Tunisia and promote the intelligent jobs of tomorrow.

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