About Claudia

Abreakthrough in Analog / Mixed Signal / RF design

Over the last thirty years, Digital Design has gone through several productivity revolutions that have allowed for always smaller, less power hungry, more performant, more versatile and yet more affordable products.

Meanwhile, Analog Design has been stuck with tools and design flows from another time which make the process very tedious, error prone and overall time consuming.

BebCom has come up with a new way to bridge that productivity gap by combining scientific algorithms along with its analog design expertise. Our software allows a productivity breakthrough in analog/RF design, testing and characterization.

Meet Claudia and revolutionize the way you design Analog/RF, whether at system/schematic level or post-layout. She will manage your simulation and look over their results for you, fine tune your design parameters all that while you sleep. Take her help and reclaim More Time for Better Designs.