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IP, System and Design expertise to build great Analog/Mixed Signal RF

about us 1BebCom offers the complete range of design skills, expertise in advanced wireless standards, and CMOS/BiCMOS process to design high performance RF. Our work doesn't stop at GDS2 as your business will not be running out of DRC/LVS clean layoutsor simulation runs. Rather we stay fully engaged with you and your partners throughout the silicon prototyping and production phasehelping in the bring up, debug, characterization and taking on any design modifications needed to have a successful chip.

BebCom Software to turn around better Analog/RF faster and with less risk

In the last years, digital verification has outgrown actual SoC design time and the verification flows have gone through major productivity changes. Meanwhile, analog/RF designer is still closer to art: engineers still craft transistors one by one, run simulation almost interactivelyand make visual comparisons of their change results. This makes the fine tuning process tedious, costly and error prone. We have designedthe software tools to boost productivity and track automatically mismatches.

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